The “Keys” to Success: Working for Publix in Key Largo

ByJazmyn M.

May 20, 2020

Have you ever visited the Florida Keys? With 125 miles of islands surrounded by open water and covered with incredible landscape, there are plenty of options to vacation. But what if paradise was your place to call home? These islands are rich with fun activities, history, nature and job opportunities.

Take a trip with us to discover how working for one of our stores in the Florida Keys could benefit you and your career. We’ll highlight stories from real associates who work for Publix and live where you vacation. Today, we’re stopping in Key Largo!

Meet Vivian, Store Manager in Key Largo, Florida.

Vivian started working at a Publix in Miami while she was in high school. It was her first job, and, originally, just a way to earn some extra money. Vivian eventually recognized the growth opportunities that existed and expressed interest in management. In 2003, she became a full-time customer service staff and administrative coordinator, which led to her promotion into management just one short year later. In 2005, she was presented with another opportunity that would require a move to Key Largo. She accepted the offer, packed her bags and made the move down south to the Florida Keys.

Doors continue to open for Vivian as she works for Publix in the Keys. Vivian went from a full-time customer service staff member to an assistant store manager in just five years and was recently promoted to store manager. Vivian recommends the Florida Keys to all Publix associates looking to further their careers. “With the amount of opportunity here,” she shared, “step out of your comfort zone and come down to the Keys, where your dreams can become a reality.”

Vivian in front of a publix serves sign

Why Key Largo?

Vivian moved to the Florida Keys because of the opportunities for advancement but stayed for the perks of living the island life. Vivian told us: “When I started living here, the nature of hurrying to get to places disappeared. My life’s pace seems to have slowed down.” She gets to meet new people every day — both locals and tourists. “I’ve met a lot of amazing people in the Keys, including my husband,” Vivian said. “It’s a beautiful place to live, the community is very tight-knit, and it has a real small-town feel to it. The locals are always friendly and helping each other out.”

Publix storefront

Vivian feels strongly that anyone can blend right in and be happy working at a Publix in the Keys because of the strong support system that exists within the community and at Publix. If you’re ready to dive in to your future career in the Florida Keys, you can apply online today!

If you are a current associate and are interested in making a move, talk to your store manager about transferring. As an associate, you are eligible to register your interest for one of 17 positions that lead to management in any of our departments.

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