Publix Patriots: Combat Medic to Regional Director

ByJazmyn M.

May 8, 2020

Publix with American flag

We are a company that is proud to employ military veterans. Our Publix Patriots blog series showcases some of our veteran associates and the skills they gained in the military that helped prepare them for leadership roles at Publix.

Meet Patrick, regional director in Florida.

Patrick has been a proud member of the Publix family for more than 30 years! He started his career working as a front service clerk while he was in high school, before taking military leave in 1988. Patrick served in the United States Army as a 91 Bravo combat medic (emergency medical technician), providing medical care and treatment for soldiers who had been wounded in battle. Patrick also took part in “Operation Just Cause” (the Panama invasion). He was honorably discharged in 1991 and returned to work at Publix as a stock clerk. Patrick later worked his way up the ladder into management. He is now a regional director, overseeing the operation of more than 90 stores throughout the state of Florida.

Growing up in a single-parent household, Patrick was taught the importance of responsibility at a very young age. Patrick shared that his mother always led the family using a disciplined approach that was like what he’d experienced in the military. He said, “I used that sense of discipline at Publix, the same way I did in the Army, to deliver my very best day in and day out.

Patrick, Regional Director in Florida

How Patrick‘s military background helped him at Publix.

Patrick in military uniform

Patrick compares the grit needed to win in battle to the determination needed to be successful in the grocery industry.

Patrick told us, “The military teaches soldiers to be very strategic, to operate as a cohesive team, to have a long-term and short-term vision, and, of course, to prepare for going into battle.” Patrick knows the grocery war is alive and well. He says, “In this industry, we must become winners by remaining at the cutting edge and being the very best at what we do.”

He incorporates this philosophy into his leadership style by encouraging other associates to be true to our mission and to always stand firm and fierce against the competition.

If you know a veteran looking for a career where they can apply their military skills, share Patrick’s story and others in the Publix Patriots blog series. We are thankful for our service members and are so proud to have those like Patrick to represent the company. If you’re interested in getting your start at Publix, we are always accepting applications at our store locations. Apply online to work at your neighborhood store or visit to learn about existing opportunities in our corporate offices, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities.

Be sure to visit our Publix Patriots LinkedIn page to stay tuned to our series. Follow our Publix Careers channels on FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn to connect with our recruiters and learn more about what makes Publix a Great Place to Work.

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